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The Roof Is On Fire

The Roof is on Fire is on the B-side of Rock Master Scott & The Dynamic Three’s 1984 single Request Line, but despite this, the lyrics become iconic and even the not-famous bits gets sampled by The Chemical Brothers.

Mis-Teeq vs. Jim Bakkum – This Scandalous Love is Not Real

Former Dutch Idols star Jim Bakkum not only scandalous-ly covered his song This Love is Real from CB Milton, the music was directly take from the song Scandalous by Mis-Teeq.

Deee-Lite – Groove is in the Heart

Deee-Lite’s “Groove in the Heart” is composed entirely from a TON of samples plus some original vocal.

Ten Tips For Doing Something New

B-sting gives 10 DO and DON’T tips to make new music.

Fatboy Slim – the Rockafeller Skank

Fatboy Slim samples, well just about EVERYBODY

Slow it down … by 800%

Slowing down songs by 800% makes them sound like ambient.

Gianfranco & Gian Piero Reverberi – Nel Cimitero Di Tucson

Gnarls Barkley sample the spaghetti western Viva Django and get covered by a LOT of people. Including people that Gnarls Barley had sampled.

REM – Everybody Hurts

Dutch band City to City clones R.E.M.’s Everybody Hurts into The Road Ahead

EP is out: If You Want Some Thing Done

The EP “If You Want Something Done” is released on music.b-sting.com . Go get it!

EP01 progress (3)

EP01 is done and will be out Saturday 31st of July 2010.

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