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Is The Sign by Ace of Base about a neo-nazi?

The Ace of Base song “The Sign” might be about a neo-nazi seeking redemption. But it might also not be.

Gabber is dead

In October 2010 I posted about Mid-Town’s Rotterdam shop closing on my personal blog. Last week however, the curtain dropped permanently for what was left of Mid-Town (the labels and webshop). They went bankrupt. What’s kind of interesting to see from the official papers, is that with Mid-Town some infamous labels also cease to exist: […]

Machines claim the term ‘Industrial’ back

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DIAY: Perfect, the music video

Remember I released the song Perfect back in March (you can still download it for free here)? Well, it now has a music video I produced all by myself: The reason I made the video was to make a simple point: making music videos is something you can do all on your own. Just like […]

Shocking Blue – Venus

One of the biggest hits in the US by a Dutch artist is still Venus by Shocking Blue in 1969. It got re-popularized by the English girl-group Banarama when they covered it in 1986. In 1990 a ridiculous remix of Venus was released. The remix itself featured a few overused samples like Get up, Get […]

Edvard Grieg – In the Hall of the Mountain King

Classical composer Edvar Grieg wrote In the Hall of the Mountain King for the play Peer Gynt which premiered in 1876. As such, it had a cinematic soundtrack quality to it, long before cinema became a broad popular pastime. Because of this it has long been a favorite background music for television and film. Most […]

KLF – What Time Is Love?

The KLF‘s track What Time Is Love (the Pure Trance 1 version) was originally released in 1988 and is an original acid house track. Their breakthru however came with a reworked version What Time Is Love (Live at Trancentral) in 1990. They described this track as “stadium house”. This version does however contain a few […]

Muzikantendag 2011

I visited the Utrecht edition of the Muzikantendag and like previous years it was veeery interesting, especially when you don’t have the stress of dropping demo’s and just enjoying the lectures. The opening by veteran Henk Westbroek was inspiring and funny, much more so that I had suspected. It’s obvious he’s very used to the […]

The Soul Searchers – Ashley’s Roachclip

The drum break in The Soul Searchers song Ashley’s Roachclip from 1974 was well on it’s way to become just as hugely sampled as the Amen break. But something stopped its triumphant march: it went out of fashion. Like many breaks, it was first used in hiphoptracks in the early eighties. A lot of early […]

Isley Brothers – Footsteps in the Dark

In 1977 the Isley Brothers released the album Go For Your Guns. Track 2 on that album is the very laid back song Footsteps in the Dark. Three songs were released as singles from that album, but Footsteps in the Dark was not one of them. Nevertheless, the song has gained popularity among hiphop and […]

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