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Infinite Jukebox

One of my currently favourite toys is Infinite Jukebox by the people at the Echo Nest. The Echo Nest is a spin-off from research done at MIT Media Lab. They analyse music and music contextual data and make programs and intelligent services based on that. The Infinite Jukebox is a simple, but brilliant example of […]

Your First Theremin

As a theremin owner and user (well, if you considering making those alien noises all day and giggling about it as being a ‘user’), I can recommend this tutorial which is absolutely true! No really, would I lie? Like this? Buy me a drink!

Rooie Waas

I’m the proud owner of a Weird Sound Generator, produced by Sascha Neudeck. The musicians from Rooie Waas own one too, plus a Cacophonator II also by Neudeck. In their latest video Rooie Waas gives a great impression what you can do with those horribly beautiful pieces of machinery: On the 14th (Amsterdam) and 20th […]

Google’s Moog doodle

Swwweeeeet! Check out the classic Moog Google coded and put up on their front page for Bob Moog‘s birthday! Wish he was still around to see that. If you’re late for the party, you can find the synth on Google’s Doodle page. Like this? Buy me a drink!


Batuhan Bozkurt makes things involving computational (sound) art. One of his many projects is Otomata, a simple webapp that makes pretty sequenced music. If you try it out, you might get something like this: (Source:  Retecool) Like this? Buy me a drink!

Slow it down … by 800%

Slowing down songs by 800% makes them sound like ambient.

Aviary Roc

Roc is a browser-based loop composer with real sounding instruments, but sadly, nothing shocking or special.

The Swinger

Tristan Jehan created an interesting bit of python code during Music Hack Day. It turns any song into a swing version.


Audiotool is a simulation where you can use realistic gear to make music from your webbrowser.


iNudge is a simple web-based sequencing toy to make music.

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