If you ever wanted to get into making atmospheric, ambient mood music that will blow even the most pretentious Coldplay out of the water, there’s a really simple trick to do that. The last few days on  SoundCloud, users having been posting songs that were time-stretched by 800% and the result is a beautiful soundscape you can listen to for hours. The interesting bit  though is that the songs they used for it are by Justin Bieber and Frank Sinatra. Listen to them and be amazed:

J. BIEBZ – U SMILE 800% SLOWER by Shamantis

Frank Sinatra – It Was A Very Good Year TIMESTRETCHED by unsignedhypenl

Update: Make your own!

ANd obviously there’s a rickroll version too:


Slipknot turns into drone music:
Wait and bleeeeeeeeeeed (800% pitchshift, Slipknot) by The Nevis DJ

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