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The XX – Intro

The usual culprit for clone songs are advertising companies. Not wanting to pay the original artist, but still use their funky tune, they usually resort to making something so similar to the original, you’d think it was the same song with a few notes out of place. It happened to Eminem, Sigur Rós, REM and […]

Bon Jovi vs. Van Velzen

I’ve talked about clone songs before. Sometimes it’s obvious a clone song tries to rip off the original, but sometimes you can wonder whether it is meant as a tribute to the composers favourite music or simply that they didn’t even realise they were using a melody of their favourite artist. In the case of […]

Eminem – Loose Yourself

Last week there was some controversy concerning Eminem and sampling. While you expect the rap artist was being sued for lifting a sample and using it in his own song, it’s actually the other way round. He got cloned. In 2002 Eminem released the song Lose Yourself as part of the soundtrack  from the film […]

Movie Sequel Clones

A special brand of clones are movie theme songs. Or more precisely sequel theme songs. Often film studios exploit a sequel as “the same film but with more explosions”, likewise they give the soundtrack the same treatment for a quick cash in. And like you try to keep the characters the same, you want to […]

Sigur Rós – Homage or Fromage

Sigur Rós get their fair share of requests for lending their musical for commercials, but they always say no. Yet, their music always pops up in these ads anyhow … as clone songs.

Technotronic: how to sample yourself too

Technotronic lifts the idea from their hit single ‘Pump up the Jam’ from Farley Jackmaster Funk and then release the same song twice more.

Mis-Teeq vs. Jim Bakkum – This Scandalous Love is Not Real

Former Dutch Idols star Jim Bakkum not only scandalous-ly covered his song This Love is Real from CB Milton, the music was directly take from the song Scandalous by Mis-Teeq.

All the same beat

Three tracks, three artists, one producer, same song.

REM – Everybody Hurts

Dutch band City to City clones R.E.M.’s Everybody Hurts into The Road Ahead

Radiohead – Karma Police

A clone song mimics the original song, without being the same song. Save my Soul by Superglue totally sounds like Radiohead’s Karma Police, but isn’t the same song.

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