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The Beatles – Sexy Sadie

I’ve mentioned Radiohead a few times before. In fact, I’ve mentioned that their biggest hit ‘Creep‘ is loosely based on another song. I’ve also mentioned a clone song taken from Karma Police. Guess what? Karma Police itself might not be so uniquely original itself either. I’m certainly not the first to mention this and I […]

Radiohead – Creep

This post is somewhat of a follow-up on the post about Coldplay. Sometimes a song is so coincidentally similar, that despite it being an original work, people have to be credited because otherwise there will be lawsuits. Radiohead are often praised as being musical geniuses who have made ‘difficult’ and ‘experimental’┬ámusic in a time where […]

Radiohead – Karma Police

A clone song mimics the original song, without being the same song. Save my Soul by Superglue totally sounds like Radiohead’s Karma Police, but isn’t the same song.

Thom Yorke: just say no to majors

Thom Yorke advises against singing with majors

Sharing only kills a broken industry

There’s a few interesting posts on other blogs and sites I’d like to point out for further reading. The Cult’s Ian Astbury said that he thinks what Radiohead did with their release of In Rainbows was irresponsible. Nathan Harden posts that he thinks people who share music are killing rock ‘n roll. All this criticism […]

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