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Techdirt: Why Even Major Label Musicians Rarely Make Money From Album Sales

Techdirt explains why even major label musicians rarely make money from album sales.

Thom Yorke: just say no to majors

Thom Yorke advises against singing with majors

Frauding your way to fame

A lot of clever websites help you as a musician increase your reach to fans. But there’s also a site that will promise to fraud your way to the top or at least make you very poor. Meet Chartfixer.com.  A website currently being trialled in Australia “before being unleashed upon the world“. It takes something […]

Quit MySpace Day

Delete your MySpace account on October 24th 2010 or do it now. MySpace is not going to get any better.

Selling out is harder than you think

Want to make a living a musician? Then make great music, press your own cd’s and sell them online. If you sell about 150 of them each month, you might make minimum wage. Any other road will mean you shouldn’t quite your day job. That’s the quick answer provided by graphs made by Information is […]

Blood Red Shoes: From DIY to ‘Professional’

Over at Drowned in Sound, there’s an interesting article by/about the Blood Red Shoes and their top 10 list of advices to start DIY and become ‘professional’, although from their story, you start doubting how professional the supposed professionals are. Like this? Buy me a drink!

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