There’s a few interesting posts on other blogs and sites I’d like to point out for further reading. The Cult’s Ian Astbury said that he thinks what Radiohead did with their release of In Rainbows was irresponsible. Nathan Harden posts that he thinks people who share music are killing rock ‘n roll. All this criticism is based on an incorrect assumption that a restructuring of the music scene, the distribution and industry as a whole equates to killing it. Kyle Bylin has written a very good column explaining that it’s the industry that is broken.

The fact that sharing is free, doesn’t mean there is no money that can be made by honest individuals and companies. Also, at the end of the day it’s art, not a consumer product. You can sell it, but it selling it is not its purpose in life.  If any thing, it is not a bad time for rock ‘n roll at all. Unless you’re a corporate rock band.

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