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Gabber is dead

In October 2010 I posted about Mid-Town’s Rotterdam shop closing on my personal blog. Last week however, the curtain dropped permanently for what was left of Mid-Town (the labels and webshop). They went bankrupt. What’s kind of interesting to see from the official papers, is that with Mid-Town some infamous labels also cease to exist: […]

Nieuwe Electronische Waar

Even though I hail from the South-West of the Netherlands, I was willing to travel all the way to the East of the country to go to a conference organised in Deventer by Nieuwe Electronische Waar (New Electronic Goods) next weekend. Master-classes in making electronic music, that sounds too perfect to be true. I didn’t […]

Muzikantendag 2011

I visited the Utrecht edition of the Muzikantendag and like previous years it was veeery interesting, especially when you don’t have the stress of dropping demo’s and just enjoying the lectures. The opening by veteran Henk Westbroek was inspiring and funny, much more so that I had suspected. It’s obvious he’s very used to the […]

Crazy pre-sales result in crazy records

I spoke too soon in my previous post. I said: “This means the crazy situation arises that tickets for a festival like Lowlands held at the end of August 2011, might likely be sold out already before half December“. I got it wrong. When 45000 tickets went on sale today at 11:00, they were sold […]

Muzikantendag 2010 (The Hague)

B-sting is at the Muzikantendag 2010 and gives a quick overview of what went on.

If all else fails, play the blues

B-sting helps out as bass-player/singer for one-time-only blues cover band.

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