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DIAY: Perfect, the music video

Remember I released the song Perfect back in March (you can still download it for free here)? Well, it now has a music video I produced all by myself: The reason I made the video was to make a simple point: making music videos is something you can do all on your own. Just like […]

We had a (secret) launch gig!

Just now I did my very first and rather exclusive live gig. It was both a try-out and a show-case of something I’ve been preparing for a while: headphone gigs at any location with a very small audience (maximum of 4 people). I’ll be giving more details about how it works in a week or […]

I am B-sting

Let it be noted that I am B-sting, electronic musician, producer, bass-player and on a very rare occasion a DJ. You might say “well duh, we know this.” But apparently it’s not universally known. Thanks to my Google alerts, I occasionally notice there’s other B-sting’s. If they’d typed their name in Google before they chose […]

B-sting.com in 2010

The 2010 year summary of B-sting.com which links to all posts from 2010.

“Buy me a drink” explained

B-sting explains that the “Buy me a drink”-link is like a donate button.

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