Last week there was some controversy concerning Eminem and sampling. While you expect the rap artist was being sued for lifting a sample and using it in his own song, it’s actually the other way round. He got cloned.

In 2002 Eminem released the song Lose Yourself as part of the soundtrack¬† from the film 8 Mile in which he plays the lead character. Contrary to a lot of his other songs, the song uses no discernible samples from other music and is what is called ‘an original work’ under copyright laws.

In 2011, car company Chrystler licensed the song and used a reworked version of the song and got Eminem himself to act in an ad for their Chrystler 200 campaign. The slogan was ‘Imported from Detroit” and hints both on the origins of the car company and Eminem.

But then also in 2011, German car company Audi rolls out this ad for the Audi A6 Avant. Yep, they completely cloned Lose Yourself and used it in their ad. Notes were changed, arrangement were changed, but every one will recognise it as the same song. When I was writing this, the company that holds the copyrights to the song has decided to sue Audi. Chrystler was yet undecided.

It’s clear that Audi’s use of the song is intentional, though the launch of their ad while the one for Chrystler is out may be just a poor coincidence. Regardless, in the end this will probably produce more attention for both their products. There’s no such thing as bad publicity.

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