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Moonlight Snackbar at Technival 05-09-2015

It’s been a little quiet lately, but that’s because I teamed up with a colleague as Moonlight Snackbar for a gig at the Technival where I performed a few years back solo. We’re basically doing a live DJ-set with some of the best dance songs of the past decades mashed together. Sort of like 2Many […]

Is The Sign by Ace of Base about a neo-nazi?

The Ace of Base song “The Sign” might be about a neo-nazi seeking redemption. But it might also not be.

Nomad: why your artist name is important

An example of why it is important to give your band a unique name

The XX – Intro

The usual culprit for clone songs are advertising companies. Not wanting to pay the original artist, but still use their funky tune, they usually resort to making something so similar to the original, you’d think it was the same song with a few notes out of place. It happened to Eminem, Sigur Rós, REM and […]

Why there are only 12 songs in most albums

I noticed this question on Why are there only 12 songs in most albums? Of course I tried to create an account there to answer the question, but since it failed, here’s my researched answer to that question. Most record deals from major labels require the artist to record an x amount of “albums”. […]

Bon Jovi vs. Van Velzen

I’ve talked about clone songs before. Sometimes it’s obvious a clone song tries to rip off the original, but sometimes you can wonder whether it is meant as a tribute to the composers favourite music or simply that they didn’t even realise they were using a melody of their favourite artist. In the case of […]

Follow your dreams?

If there’s one bit of solid advice I got in 2012 that I would like to share with you in 2013, is that you don’t have to chase dreams to be happy doing what you do. The advice was given in a comic by Maaike Hartjes (she makes great comics by the way, check out […]

Infinite Jukebox

One of my currently favourite toys is Infinite Jukebox by the people at the Echo Nest. The Echo Nest is a spin-off from research done at MIT Media Lab. They analyse music and music contextual data and make programs and intelligent services based on that. The Infinite Jukebox is a simple, but brilliant example of […]

I think I’ll pass

I got this in the mail today: Like this? Buy me a drink!

Gabber is dead

In October 2010 I posted about Mid-Town’s Rotterdam shop closing on my personal blog. Last week however, the curtain dropped permanently for what was left of Mid-Town (the labels and webshop). They went bankrupt. What’s kind of interesting to see from the official papers, is that with Mid-Town some infamous labels also cease to exist: […]

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