I spoke too soon in my previous post. I said: “This means the crazy situation arises that tickets for a festival like Lowlands held at the end of August 2011, might likely be sold out already before half December“. I got it wrong. When 45000 tickets went on sale today at 11:00, they were sold out in 2 hours (Dutch source). The regular tickets at least, not all of the 10000 special discount tickets are sold out, but those are only for people who have a special pass. Last year it took 8 days and by then a few names playing were already known. Not a single name has been confirmed yet for 2011.

I will be there, by the way, I made it in time. Each year I keep thinking I should buy a few extra tickets to sell to those who were late But if I see the online auction sites where people are already trying to sell extra tickets for €400 to €1000 even (original prices were €155), I’m glad I don’t. I don’t want to be one of those sleazy scalpers. Besides, with todays digital tickets there’s way too much risk that if you buy a ticket from an unreliable source, it’s going to be an invalid ticket.

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