I usually say “if all else fails, you can always play in a blues cover band“. The thing is that blues isn’t very hard to play, even if you can barely hold and instrument. There are challenging, not-so-easy-to-play blues songs out there, but most of the time, for most songs, it’s pretty straight-forward. If you look up musician wanted ads on various websites, you’ll find the bulk are either rock/metal or blues cover bands. Most of these bands have no professional ambitions other than playing the local pub on Friday nights for fun. And there’s nothing wrong with that.

While I have no plan on giving up on my electronic work and the ambitions I have for it, I ironically found myself with an invitation to go play in a blues cover band for this Friday. Some people at my employer wanted something different for their weekly pub evening. And since there are plenty of guitarists working there, they figured they’d give their inner-Hendrix a platform to play on.

I figured what the hell and accepted. I’ll be alternately singing and playing the bass on a few songs. It’ll be a break from the usual and it’ll be good fun without pretensions. And without band practice. We’ll see how that works out.

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