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Rooie Waas

I’m the proud owner of a Weird Sound Generator, produced by Sascha Neudeck. The musicians from Rooie Waas own one too, plus a Cacophonator II also by Neudeck. In their latest video Rooie Waas gives a great impression what you can do with those horribly beautiful pieces of machinery: On the 14th (Amsterdam) and 20th […]

Aviary Roc

Roc is a browser-based loop composer with real sounding instruments, but sadly, nothing shocking or special.


Audiotool is a simulation where you can use realistic gear to make music from your webbrowser.


iNudge is a simple web-based sequencing toy to make music.

Aviary Myna

Aviary Myna is a nifty audio editor/composer in your browser. Ideal for beginners.

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