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Snap! – The Power

Last week I discussed Love’s Gonna Get You by Jocelyn Brown from 1985. One of the most famous tracks that sampled it is The Power from 1991 by Snap!. The song however is surrounded by controversy. First of all there’s the obvious use of Jocelyn Brown’s vocals. Jocelyn Brown’s sample was used without permission or […]

David Bowie – Fame

I just submitted something to whosampled.com I found obviously missing. I was actually shocked it wasn’t on there. Today we’re doing a cover AND a sample! And a whole string of other artist who borrowed the same sample. In 1998 the band Limp Bizkit broke through to a major audience with their single Faith taken […]

Chi-Lites – Are You My Woman

The Chi-Lites record Are You My Woman. When Beyonce uses a sample of it, suddenly everyone covers it, using the original melody.

Max Romeo – I Chase the Devil

In 1976 Max Romeo and Lee “Scratch” Perry write the song I Chase the Devil, which in 1992 is sampled by The Prodigy in Out of Space.

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