Here’s an interesting study from Norway as posted by TorrentFreak. Artists are making more, especially from live gigs then they were some 10 years ago. Some obvious notes here however is that the focus is on Norwegian musicians. And that includes the people who don’t live off music. In that sense the study does not surprise me, but it also shouldn’t be made into something bigger than it is.

The ‘common musician’ has more opportunities to let, friends, family and fans know they have music out and let them listen to it. In 1999, more musicians had to sell their cd’s at gigs before people could listen to them in their home, now more people listen to music in their home first and then come see the musicians perform live music.

Most common musicians are not signed to a label. The TorrentFreak is hinting that ‘the music industry’ isn’t doing all to bad and thriving. I think they are confusing ‘record labels’ with ‘music industry’. If you see ‘the music industry’ as the entire market of people selling music, then yes, it’s thriving. But the record companies see their share in that dwindling and they are not doing well at all (ask EMI).

It is indeed the artists that are profiting more at the expense of the record companies. That is good news. At least for the Norwegian industry.

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