For the people who didn’t spot it on Twitter or Facebook yet, I’m the first confirmed musical act of the Technival festival in Delft on the 10th of September 2011. The Technival is organised by my awesome day-job employer OGD ICT-diensten and consists of crazy technical sessions (building a trebuchet, Robot Wars, a Foosbal clinic, etc.), fun fair attractions (bumper cars, cotton candy, lots of fun things for the kids, etc.) and of course music. And a biergarten. More events should be announced in the coming weeks, but I’m honored to be first on the bill. I won’t be doing a headphone-set there, but we’re looking into making it a little bit special none the less. Fingers crossed.

The event is invite-only, so if you want to come make sure you become an OGD-employee, marry one, become the child of one or at least be a good friend of one who can take you along.

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