A while back I was going to do a post about this, but there were so many links to other songs, I had to split it in three parts. Today part 1.

In 1985 Jocelyn Brown released Love’s Gonna Get You, after being the backup singer for many other artists. The single itself went to the top of the dance tracks at the time (#1 in the US dance chart). Now as you may have noted from the YouTube video, this is the dance mix, but the same single also had an A Capella mix. This makes it ideal for sampling.

In 1990, Boogie Down Productions used the chorus in the hiphop song after Love’s Gonna Get’cha. With the dance scene taking off, Jocelyn Brown’s voice became a popular source for sampling. Off Shore used a different bit from the same track in their 1991 track I can’t Take the Power. The sample ‘Deputy of Love‘in the track with the same name by the Deputies of Love from 1991 is again Jocelyn Brown. The yeaaah-sample in Moby’s track Go! from 1991 is Jocelyn Brown. Bizarre Inc.’s 1992 track I’m Gonna Get You partly samples and works around the original. Apart from bursting from clich√© dance samples of the time, the 1992 track Running So Hard by Sophia also puts a sample in there, including the yeaaah that Moby used.

Suddenly, when the whole ‘diva dance’-genre sort of died out and people started simply hiring Jocelyn Brown to sing lyrics for them, the usage of samples from that track died out too and was pushed to less mainstream genres. It only popped up twice again in 1994: in DJ Dano’s hardcore track I’m gonna get you and the drum ‘n bass track You Got Me by Alex Reece ¬† and Wax Doctor. It wasn’t till 2008 it popped up in I Got The Power by Ya Boy from 2008.

You’ll notice however I left out the biggest hit based on Love’s Gonna Get You. That track is The Power by Snap! which I’ll discuss next week.

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