An interesting story surrounds the soundtrack of the otherwise rightfully forgotten film The Adventurers (1970). The music for the soundtrack is by Antonio Carlos Jobim and is arranged and conducted by Eumir Deodato (remember this name!).  In the same year famous producer/composer  Quincy Jones decided to re-score the whole thing and produced his own funked up version of the album. It was recorded by  the Ray Brown Orchestra, featuring Tom Scott and … Eumir Deodato. On that album is the the track Go Down Dying, which you can hear in the YouTube clip below. You’ll instantly recognise the intro as the main theme from Björk’s 1993 track Human Behaviour. Even though apparently there was some initial fuss about the usage of the sample, things seem to have been straightened out fine. Cause guess who ended up remixing the Björk song Isobel from her next album and did most of the orchestral arrangements for the album she did after that; Homogenic ? Yep: Eumir Deodato. Coincidentally the songs Human Behaviour, Isobel and Bachelorette (from Homogenic) are part of a trilogy of songs spanned over three albums. In a way Eumir Deodato has contributed to all three songs.

Enjoy the original Go Down Dying:

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