Hiya! I got an odd request 8 days ago and interestingly it made has led to a surge of creativity. Yay! At my work, my ‘day job’, I’m following a management course. Apart from the usual home work assignments, my mentor came up with an odd request: write a piece of music based on the causes of my self-undermining mechanisms. You know, the things you know you should do, but somehow you don’t.

As luck has it, I ran into this (link = private livejournal entry, you’ll have to be on my flist to read it :P) a day after his request. And I was just installing Cubase 5 and toying around with the new VST instruments. I creatively puzzled the assignment and the blog post together and figured: I’m going to write a love song that’s some 10 to 15 years overdue. Better late then never, right?

The song title is ‘Perfect‘ and it focusses on not wanting to disappoint people, but also the desire to compensate for the shortcomings of others. And contrary to the song title, the song is far from perfect. Both in the sense that it’s not done yet (still need to write some extra lyrics), but also that musically that the song erodes into noise towards the end of the song, leaving just the bare theme. It’s like all symbolic ‘n shit y’all. ;p

The way things are now, the song should be completely done in just under 2 weeks from when I got the assignment. That should be a new record.  I should work by request more often, hehe. If anyone wants to request me to make a song, let me know. I should probably post a teaser or something, but um nervous, perfectionist artist and all.  o.O I’m such a tease, myeah.

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