It’s still not too late to sign up for a free digital EP. Don’t say I didn’t warn ya.

Meanwhile, in the past few days, I’ve been doing two things. First, I’ve been doing some composing on track 000009. It’s a comfy 4+ minutes now, I put the finishing touches on the lyrics and a few hours ago I recorded them. A few days earlier I also re-recorded some organ bits, because I had a few new ideas for that. Sorta gave it a good mix and voilá, track 000009 is done. It’s even got a title now.

Secondly, I’m working on a design for the cover. I wanted to get some help in for that one, but decided the first EP needs to be all mine from front to back. I have an idea for it, but figured my photography skills aren’t exactly up to scratch. So what I did, I set up a complex shot (thanks Ragedaisy, for helping on that one), snapped some pictures and photoshopped those together as best as I could. But! I will rework it into a vector drawing by hand. Those who have been following my private blog might remember the ones I did for Rosana and Judy. Something like that. ;)

Plans for the coming week: make the artwork, check the combined mix on all tracks, see if there is time to squeeze in track 000002.

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