A week ago I posted about making an EP. As promised, I’m going to keep updates on the progress. First of all, thanks to the people who have sent a mail so far. I love you guys. Spread the word. Secondly, I decided to make this update after I got some progress done, instead of blogging and then complaining I have no time to make music. ;)

So what am I doing for this EP? Basically I’ve been writing songs the last months, which are in various states of completion. Some are just a few sketchy loops & ideas, others are fully written out and even recorded already. I keep track of the progress and assigned all the tracks a number as working title based on the chronological order. Three tracks, code-named 000001, 000004 and 000005 are already done and recorded.I just need to check them for minor flaws before publishing.

I really want to put a half-recorded song 000009 on the EP also. So my effort right now is in completing that. Mainly it’s figuring out where all the parts go and stretching up to something a bit longer than the 2 minutes it is now.Today I managed to stretch it up to 3 minutes, but it sounds rudely bashed together. So I might be able to stretch it up a bit further if I smooth out the transitions and give it a head and tail. Plus I need to re-record some keyboard and vocal tracks. That’s doable in the next week or so.

One other thing is that 000004 might not fit too well between the rest. There is still a song 000002 (no, not a Blur cover) lying about which can replace it, but basically needs a lot of lyric writing and some love & attention. So depending on how long I’m busy with 000009 will determine if I can finish up 000002 in time or just need to go with 000004 and leave 000002 for a later release.

Once all that is out of the way, there’s the artwork. The EP itself needs artwork and the nifty bit is that each track can get artwork too. I think the best choice is to make the EP artwork the ‘parent’ and the track artworks the obvious ‘children’. I plan on making it myself, but if anyone with sufficient graphical skills and time to kill before the end of July wants to throw themselves at it, you can send me a mail or leave a reply. My primary motto on this is “If you want something done, do it yourself”, but help is always appreciated.

Last but not least is obviously the uploading and basically publishing and promoting the EP. But that’s still in a few weeks. Let’s make some music first. :)

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