The pictures from my gig at the Car Art festival 2011 are up on the pictures page!

I had great fun in that van, kindly borrowed to me by the organisation. (And again my apologies to the owner for breaking her car key.) I played a 6-hour long set (with breaks, phew) in which I entertained the audience with a song or 2, or 3 or … well some stayed quite a while. At a certain point there was even a queue outside the van. I handed out a few cards to people so hopefully some more gigs will come from this. I loved how I kept getting a lot of requests for Thunderstruck (the AC/DC song). People even told their friends to come listen to that specifically. And people seemed very curious about my stories about my Casio SK-1.

I’d like to thank the organisation & volunteers of Car Art, my lovely girl who played roadie and everyone who dared step into the van. You all made this one of the coolest gigs in my life … so far. ;)

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