It’s interesting to see how some artists draw samples from the same artists and albums they have done before. Take Beck and his album Odelay, more specifically Devil’s Haircut from 1996. The track contains a lot of samples, which would take a few years to figure out. I’ll limit this post to three that stand out.

Beck samples a band called Them (with singer Van Morrison) and he takes two samples from two separate tracks from the same album Them Again from 1966. One is I Can Only Give You Everything, the other Out of Sight. Interestingly, Beck’s album Odelay features another sample from Them Again. From It’s All Over Now, Baby Blue is used directly in Jack-Ass.

Part of the drum loops comes from the excellent song Soul Drums from 1968 by Bernard Purdie. You kinda wonder why only Mansfield was the only to sample the same track in the song 2010.12.25 from 2000, since it’s such an excellent drum break which is so easy to sample. Not that Bernard Purdie never got sampled. He has been sampled a lot, but I’ll tell you all about that next week.

For now here’s Devil’s Haircut with Them in it twice:

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