Quit MySpaceToday you will quit MySpace. Whether you’re a band, musician or just a fan with a (forgotten) account there, you have to go delete it now.


Exactly a year ago Andrew Dubber posted his idea of Quit MySpace Day. I posted about it too in May. His statement was simple: MySpace is very crappy as a social website as well as a band platform: it’s ugly & cumbersome (always has been), the music-interface is awful, people overload them with pictures & videos and the only messages we get are friends-invites and messages of unknown, crappy bands who are spamming the whole world about their new tour or album. Not to mention it’s owned by a big corporate news media company that stopped caring about MySpace too. When is the last time you logged in or thought MySpace had really helped you achieve something as a band? I bet you can list more reasons why MySpace sucks and you’re welcome to list them.

Andrew Dubber gave MySpace a year to improve and guess what? They didn’t. So as a signal to MySpace that they have failed us for the last time, it’s time to leave. Not just log off, but delete all our accounts starting today to make sure they understand we have left for good.

But I need MySpace!

No. You. Don’t. And you know it. There’s tons of better ways as a musician to spread your music and connect with your fans or for you as a fan to connect to bands:

Just to name a few. I hear you say: “But MySpace is my band’s website!” For the last frigging time:  MySpace should never be your ‘band website’. Unless you really don’t want the world to take your band seriously.

Ok, I’m in. what do I do?

  1. Follow the step-by-step manual to delete your account.
  2. Spread the word (Twitter #quitmyspaceday , Facebook or your blog).
  3. Enjoy your freedom.

Good luck and thanks for joining in!

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