Sometimes I use this weekly column as an excuse to point out a song I love. The Sneaker Pimps scored a few hits in the mid-nineties. Most notable of those is the song 6 underground from 1996. The song itself leans heavily on a sample from the soundtrack of the 1964 film Goldfinger by James Bond-composer John Barry, however it’s not the epic main-theme from Goldfinger that featured Shirley Bassey.

The other prominent sample is the “a 1-2, a 1-2”. That comes from De La Soul’s Breakadawn from 1993 and that track contains a ton of samples: A Quiet Storm (1975) by Smokey Robinson, Sang and Dance by the Bar-Kay’s  (1970), I can’t help it (1979) by Michael Jackson and Yes We Can Can (1973) by the Pointer Sisters. Of course the irony here is that the Sneaker Pimps used a tiny part of the lyrics of that song that De La Soul had written themselves.

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