Yet another pointless controversy surrounding Lady Gaga. You can say a lot about her, but her listing on is relatively modest compared to other artists. Still, Dutch punk band The Heideroosjes took note on their website after a fan pointed out that the intro to their song We All Share The Same Sun from 2004 sounded a lot like Lady Gaga’s Electric Chapel from 2011. The Heideroosjes honestly said they wouldn’t sue (cause they hate it too when little artists go after big ones like greedy bastards, which they are not) and weren’t doing it for attention (even though it did caught the attention of the national press).

As some people pointed out in the responses to the news, Lady Gaga did not steal anything from the Heideroosjes at all. In fact, both of then used the same over-used metal riff that has been around for some 30+ years. Curt King wrote a brilliantly detailed article about this including some audio-samples. Listen to those and you’ll note that with only slight variations, they all sound ‘the same’. So no, Lady Gaga didn’t steal from anyone specifically, just rehashed yet another bit of pop-culture.

And just to be obstinate,here’s one of my favourite versions of the riff:

Gary Moore – Hiroshima

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