I frequently use whosampled.com as a source, but I also try to give back finds not listed on the site. When I submitted the fact that 2 Hi use a sample from the Jungle Brothers in the 1992 track Jump a Little Hi-er, one of the moderators wondered out loud where another sample in that track with the lyrics “I wanna get high” at the beginning came from. Turns out a simple Google query for the lyrics gave a result: Rita Marley (the widow of Bob) put out the track One Draw in 1981 and that’s where the sample is from.

Oddly enough, the track has also been sampled by Cypress Hill. While you’d expect them to take a literal sample of the track, they actually rapped the lyrics themselves in I Wanna Get High from 1993. Sizzla sampled the song too in 2005, but his track Smoke Di Herb, but his track only features the music, not the lyrics.

So the track Jump a Little Hi-er is not just the only track to sample the vocals of Rita Marley, it’s the only one which is (arguably) the only one not about smoking marijuana. For as far as dance songs are about any thing but dancing, that is.

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