When you hear about artists sampling other artists, one often thinks about producers who discover an old vinyl record at least 20 years old who use a bit for a new track. You don’t think of people sampling a song that’s only a year old and without credit.

Katy Perry’s 2010 collaboration with Snoop Dogg California Gurls has been getting an overkill of airplay lately. The sunny summer hit about California is intended to rival Jay-Z’s Empire State. But the main theme from California Gurls appears to be lifted from a song by Scottish musician/producer Calvin Harris.

This is sort of odd. There is a link between Katy Perry and Calvin Harris; Calvin Harris remixed the song Waking up in Vegas. Ironically, Calvin Harris made a song titled Vegas as well, but there’s no connection between both. But nowhere on California Gurls is Calvin Harris credited. And that’s odd, cause if you listen to the Calin Harris song I’m not Alone from 2009, you can hear something you might recognise around 0:45 :

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